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Dramatic developments this afternoon as the verdicts came back in the Damilola Taylor manslaughter trial - Danny Preddie guilty; Ricky Preddie guilty.
Finally, six years after that beautiful, smiling little boy was stabbed in the leg and left to bleed to death in a Peckham stairwell, justice for his family.
We'll be live in Peckham and Ronke Phillips - who's followed this tragic case from the start, has the detail.

And Jon Gilbert has an incredible exclusive interview on those macabre claims that a suburban house in Croydon could have the bodies of two children buried in the back garden. Can't say much more at the moment.

Simon's been to Athens to see what lessons we can learn about how to make our Olympic Games a success - and two years since theirs ended, you'll be shocked at the state of some of their venues.

We're giving away more Rolling Stones tickets - we're too good to you!

See you at 6.
Al & Nina

LONDON TONIGHT TONIGHT: Tues 8th August 2006


It's the Editor here, just for a change, as Alastair and Nina are
preparing for a busy programme right now.

As I write this we're still getting the full details of a really nasty
accident on the M25 - the story that's emerging is not a nice one. Glen
will be live with the latest.

We're also live in Croydon where a garden is set to be dug up by police
- following a tip off that human remains are buried there. The pensioner
who used to live at the house was jailed for abusing children.

Also tonight - the streets where rubbish is piling up because of a
strike by refuse operators - or binmen, as they used to be known. It's
causing a right stink. Literally.

Plus we're pitchside ahead of Arsenal's game tonight, and Patrick Swayze
is in the studio. Yes, him off Dirty Dancing. But please, no one say
anything about baby being in the corner. It's been said in the newsroom
about a thousand times today.

Our Rolling Stones competition was so popular last night - we're doing
it all again tonight.

Join Alastair and Nina at six.