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Good afternoon.

Bad news, I'm afraid. Many of you are going to say "I told you so" tonight. Because we've done the sums, and it seems that the London Olympics are going to cost TWICE what was thought. Yes, twice. The bill now looks set to be a massive 5 billion pounds, and of course the games are still 6 years away. The Olympic Delivery Authority have admitted that costs will be "substantially more " than expected. And I think we can all agree that double IS "substantially more". We'll be asking for your thoughts on this ... I suspect you'll have lots to say.

Good news though for another worthy winner of the People's Millions tonight.. Didn't you love those excited kids who'd won last night? And 2 more hopefuls for you to vote for too.

Chris has been talking to Sting about all sorts of stuff ... including the environment and playing the lute..

Tamzin's at the World Music Awards at Earl's Court. And no, it's not a celebration of Peruvian nose flute music. We're talking HUGE stars .. Beyonce and the like. It's the first time they've been held here, but the really big news is that Michael Jackson is going to perform. Yes, Wacko himself, on stage for the first time in this country in 9 years, and for the first time anywhere since he was cleared of the child molestation charges. History indeed...

And of course, the papers, Chrissie with the weather... Hope to see you at 6.

Katie and Al.