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Happy Easter!!

I'm not here tomorrow - Sangeeta's looking after you - so I get to wish you lots of Easter cheer now. So, Happy Easter Bunnies and Egg Hunts and for those of you who've stuck with it, enjoy the end of Lent.. I know I will!

But, I do hope not too many of you are heading away for the bank holiday. Obviously I'll be happy for you if you're having a nice break. But we're all being warned again! - to expect 'travel chaos'. We get it every single bank holiday, but it does generally turn out to be true.

I'm going to try toavoid puns on top of obvious warnings tonight. Our new Ed - Neil (who's going to be looking after Faye's job while she's off having her bubba) got a bit of stick for a little too much fromage frais (ie too many puns) in the show last night. So am showing my support here.

Plus, I've already heard all the puns about Mr Quick's blunder that I'd only be plagiarising anyway..

So - more probs for our cops. Not only is one of them being talked to about Ian Tomlinson's death at the G20 protests, now Quick's said goodbye (see, I could have said a swift exit!) after showing off those anti-terror plans. Not so good for Bozza. But good news is the man stepping into his shoes is John Yates, who Al assures us is a very good choice. Plus it means we've now got a woman stepping into Yates' shoes - Janet Williams is now Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard. So good and bad news at the top.. We'll have the latest on that and find out how you're feeling about the police right now..

Next we're delving in to Henry the Eighth goodies! Hampton Court's celebrating 500 years since he was crowned King and they're putting on a show of his wares. Glen's got a first glimpse before it opens to the rest of us tomorrow - there's an idea for the weekend for ya!

Another idea is broccoli. Not eating it - although you will probably need the green goodness to counteract the bucket load of chocolates and hot cross buns....mmmmmmmm... I mean the broccoli behind Bond. Lucy's been to see the James Bond/Chubby Broccoli extravaganza at the South Bank - they're doing a season of his best bits and the best bit for me is Roger Moore (in Sean Connery and Daniel Craig's absence). He's talking to Lucy about all things 007.

Then, Corr blimey!! (Sorry, couldn't help myself!) Andrea Corr's in tonight. She's coming in with Niamh Cussack to talk about the play they're in at The Old Vic. It's called Dancing at Lughnasa - it's a brilliant production of Brian Friel's play. Which I've just found out was also made into a move starring Meryl Streep and Rhys Ifans - might have to check that out. I saw the play earlier in the week and really enjoyed it. Also spotted Andrea in the theatre bar afterwards looking very, very tiny in a minute skirt and tights. She was great in her first stage role (even though she's obviously been on stage loads with the band) and Niamh Cussack was brilliant as always. Looking forward to talking to them both and finding out about the future of The Corrs and Heartbeat!

I think I need to go and run around outside to burn off some of this chocolate energy/calories - and it's not even Good Friday - oh dear..

See you at 6.

Alex & Alastair.