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Vaisakhi On the Square
Canalway Cavalcade
Henry VIII's May Day Celebration

London Tonight Tonight


The sun's shining - two people got stuck in the ITN revolving doors - I giggled like a school girl - Jon Snow saved them - there are swine flu notices in the bathroom reminding us to wash our hands (Big Boss says he must have missed something about how it's transferred) all very confusing - I'm sneezing, snorting and saying swine flu but Al's ignoring me. It's definitely Friday.

It's not just Friday - it's also the start of the bank holiday weekend - and not just any bank holiday weekend - but a sunny one. Robin says so - well, he kind of said so through gritted teeth - but I'm going with it. Even though I said I'd work on Monday - being sure it would not be sunbathing weather. My flat mate is doing just that at home - lucky redundant/job hunting person! I shall be joining her in our garden tomorrow though if Robin's telling the truth - if not I might lock him up on the roof where he's heading later to stand outside and deliver weather prediction - as if to prove a point.

That's what we can look forward to at the end of the show anyway. At the start we've got the story of a south London girl who's in prison in Laos and may face the firing squad after being caught with heroin on her. She says she was forced to carry it by someone else. She's now also pregnant - which is strange considering she's in an all female prison. We're talking to her friends and to an Aussie woman who's been in the jail there too.

Then we've the latest on swine flu. We're being bombarded with news about the disease because of cases being confirmed all over the world. But we're told that London's prepared and if it starts to spread we have the right drugs. Marcus is checking on that as we hear some businesses are buying in stocks of Tamiflu (the drug to treat swine flu) which could mean people who need it now might not be able to get hold of it.

Jamie Oliver kick started it - now we could be seeing the benefits. Newham's school kids are going to get healthy dinners - and they're not just healthy - they're also going to be free! Emma Walden's going to see just what's being dished up - and if the parents are happy about it...?? Remember the Mum's passing chips and burgers through the fences to their little (ish) ones..? She'll be on the look out for those I imagine..

We're also catching up with those squatters who'd found themselves a lovely home on Raven's Ait - looks like they've been voted off the island.

And we're checking in with the lovely James King - he's going to present a feast for the eyes in the shape of Hugh Jackman - all muscle bound and shirtless as Wolverine in his new movie - it's definitely a good Friday - and then Hannah Montana - little Miley Cyrus (makes me feel v old!) in her latest teen flick.

And if you heard what sounded like a lot of cats being strangled in Trafalgar Square last night you'll know all about this. It was part of a new viral ad campaign - you remember the one with everyone dancing at Liverpool Street - the same company - it's T-mobile obviously...don't know why I feel like I can't say it !! Anyway, they've done another one - it's of a whole load of people doing mass karaoke. Sound like an assault on the ears to me - Lucy went to find out and she also ran into Pink - who can clearly sing. She's also quite intimidating. Poor Lucy thought this might be an act and she would end her interview by saying - I thought you were going to be scary but you're not - she dropped that line after finding out in truth Pink really is quite scary.

Can't wait to see it.

Watch with me and Al at 6.

Alex & Alastair.

ps - We're also just getting news of a shooting outside Wandsworth Prison - and some disturbing details about Baby P's step-father which have just been released in court. We'll have details on those stories for you too.

Robin's Weather Blog

Good evening,

At the risk of morphing into Bill Oddie & suffering a huge identity crisis I thought I'd share with you the news that on Wednesday I heard a cockoo, a sure sign of Spring (as if we needed another one). I can also boast having heard, for the first time in my life, a nightingale. It really is beautiful but if I'm honest there's something a little unsettling about hearing birdsong -however magical- at 11 o'clock at night. I've read that it's International Dawn Chorus Day on Sunday but I'm not sure, even with my new found enthusiasm for all things ornithological, that I will be bounding out of bed at 4am to witness the wake-up call. If I change my mind, however, at least the reasonably fine weather which is on the menu for the next fwew days will take the edge off the horror of a pre-dawn start.

We're doing well in the South East; mainly dry & fine so get out there & enjoy it if you can, but not before you've tuned in to the show....

See you later,