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Good Afternoon,

We've not one but two monkey based stories for you this afternoon, something that pleases Tamzin no end (she's a bit of a fan of primates)....First up there are some VERY happy Gorillas at London Zoo after they were shown their brand new multi-million pound pad. The glass enclosure's been designed to give them more freedom and maybe a little more romance. Keepers hope the new set-up will encourage a bit of gorilla loving....we'll let you know if it works !

Plus. Remember the amazing adventures of Bolivian squirrel monkey...Spongebob ? He was the endangered monkey STOLEN from Chessington World of Adventures in Surrey and later found playing with a bunch of kids in Brixton. Well today a man's been jailed for a year for that theft. 23 year old Marlon Brown, was attacked by Spongebob's cage-buddies when he broke in ... the blood he lost there helped convict him. As for Spongebob - he's now settled in Battersea Zoo munching on some celebratory bananas.

Simon Harris is on the trail of Japanese Knotweed....it covers 2% of the Olympic site and could cost tens of millions of pounds to get rid off. A big bill for a bit of gardening.

We've also got our third installment of Mike Pearce's special reports from The Falklands. Tonight he meets up with some ex-pat Londoners to find out what attracted them to the Islands.

And The Lord of the Rings: The Musical. It's a 3 hour epic but what's the betting middle-earth fans will be queueing round the block when it starts previewing in May. We've been granted a behind the scenes peak at the incredible stage set, the costumes and the elfish singing instructors.

It's all here and waiting for you at 6 - see you then

Alastair and Tamzin