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We have a great exclusive for you tonight - the first interview with Gary McKinnon, the man accused of one of the biggest computer hacks of all time. He's a man facing a truly terrifying prospect - extradition to the US with the threat of a life sentence in jail at the end of it. He claims he was just hacking into the Pentagon's computers to search for evidence of UFOs and was doing the Americans a favour by flagging up their lax security.

Why did he do it? How many regrets does he have? What's his obsession with UFOs? How's he keeping his spirits up when the US are threatening him with a 60 year jail term and even a stint in Guantanmao Bay. Find out from the man himself at 6.

Now with prices falling around our ears there aren't many of us who are managing to beat the property slump. Well one developer in South London has succeeded - getting 1.5 million pounds for a bit of land that's valued at only 15 thousand. Just wait till you find out how they did it and who's picking up the bill. It's one of those stories that makes you think how can that possibly be fair.

Could the Dogs get an eleventh hour reprieve? Yesterday it looked as though it was all over for Walthamstow's greyhound track,. Today a group of millionaires has come up with a plan they hope just might save it. Phil Bayles has been finding out all about it.

We've all been humming that song "If you leave me now....." complete with all the ooh ooh bits ALL day. Why? Well those old rockers Chicago are playing at the Motor Show tonight and Lucy has grabbed them for a chat.

All that and find out what made Damien Steward sick! - see you at 6.

Romilly and Alastair

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