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Good afternoon and we are so sorry for the delay - the Oz has been involved in a big rehearsal and I have been involved with the former MP for Finchley who came to power 30 years ago on Friday. Excuses, excuses.
Tonight, how prepared is London for Swine 'flu? We have one case but millions of worried folk. Our aim is to report and put nerves at ease.
Also, how prepared are London's youngsters to be "screened" for knives on their way to school? Waltham Forest are doing it in all their secondary schools. This could catch on but is it right?
How prepared are Imogin Appiah's buddies to be brave and help her in her quest for a bone-marrow transfusion? And their mums and dads? The answer will raise your spirits and may save Imogin's life.
How ready are London's "brick and bum-crack" brigade to build the Olympic stadia? Not quite enough, it seems, so it's back to school for them. I expect lots of shovels and trowels to show up on the scanners!
How do you rate the Gunners' chances against ManU and what about the prospects of an all-London final in the Champions League? After last night's nail-biter in Barcelona, all eyes swivel to Old Trafford. I feel good about it. Do you?
How old must Michael Caine be before he retires? It was going to be 70-ish but then along came the Budget, 50% tax and a great part as a magician. Lucy sees if the old roots are still growing deep. Lucy Cotter - a genius - not a lot of people used to know that. Now they do!
Finally how fair's the weather and London's papers? I don't know but we both will by 6.30.
It's short and sharp, like some of those knives in Waltham Forest.
It's to the point as will Arsenal's strikers be tonight.
And it is brief. As I doubt Michael Caine will be.
But it's all there, as is he.
See us at six or be prepared for our sadness.
Alastair and Alex.