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London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 2nd April

London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 2nd April
Good afternoon.
It is a story that divides the nation: not in the sense that some of you don't care about it whilst others are close to being up in arms about same. No, it is whether you are in the age group that remembers Bernard Cribbins singing "There I was, digging this hole.." or the gang who remember the Fab Four wailing on Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band about the number of holes found in Blackburn.
Potholes are a scourge and we find them, examine them but fail to fill them in. There are more than you think and they are more dangerous than many of you will believe.  Lewis ,slowly losing his Welsh accent, dons wellies and picks up his pick and shovel just for you. And he puts his bike to unexpectedly good use, too.
Meanwhile, Mike Pearse reports on one of the biggest holes I have ever seen in one of the most inappropriate places possible. From childhood, I have loved the Devil's Punchbowl outside Hindhead. To ease traffic and force people to miss a glimpse of stunning rural England, they are burrowing underneath it. It'll do the job from a motorists point of view but at what a cost?
My own view is that we should be leading the programme tonight with why a taxi, that left Grays Inn Road heading for Jermyn Street, should, without a pothole in sight, take half an hour to get to Fleet Street? I gave up and I give up with London traffic.

Linda Bowman must be tempted to give up: her beautiful daughter was murdered and obscenely abused yards from her home. The man convicted of the brutality is to appeal. She tells us, in no uncertain terms, how she feels about it.

We all feel, strongly, that Arsenal should beat Liverpool and that Chelsea should beat Fenerbache: in both cases because the opposition aren't from London and in the second case because we don't enjoy wrestling with the name of the Turkish side. Estelle will preview a great night of soccer as we wish the Blues and the Gooners every success in dumping the opposition.

Dumping at Mucking Lane in Essex is almost a self-fulfilling prophecy - you couldn't "re-cycle" at Mucking Lane, could you? It has to be "dumping". But no more! A magic wand has wafted away the odour by changing the purpose of the eponymous pit - mystery revealed at 6 by the ever fragrant Chrissie.

Les Dennis is in the studio - he has written his life story: we asked a hundred people how they felt about Les and we will share the findings at 6.... with you if not with Les.
There's lots more news, as well, but if I told you what, it wouldn't still be news, would it?

Hope you can join us, fresh as daisies and raring to go.

Alastair & Katie.