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It's far too wet out there to go out. So stay on the sofa, make a cup of tea and tune in at 6 !

We've a packed programme for you...starting with a transport story we think you'll all have a view on. CCTV cameras on buses have often proved invaluable, capturing images vital for police investigations and helping to solve crimes. But bus companies want to charge a flat fee to the police for the footage. They say it's expensive and time consuming to make the pictures available. Police chiefs are said to be furious. What do you think ? Is it fair enough or does it show a lack of social responsibility ?

We've an interview with the 24 year old from Southend who's become the youngest man to be treated for breast cancer. He tells his story to Ronke Phillips.

You've probably seen the posters all around town - Meryl Streep's new and much talked about movie "The Devil Wears Prada" is out today. We talk to its young star Anne Hathaway and get our movie expert's verdict too.

Willsy's got on his bike and headed for eXcel in Docklands - he'll be bringing us all the sport from there.

If you fancy a stay at a brand new, top notch hotel right in the heart of the capital - watch out for our great competition...we're throwing in a slap-up meal too

PLUS we'll update you with details of exciting things to do in town this weekend....let you know if the weather's going to get any better AND give you a look at the headlines from this evening's papers.

Plenty to keep you interested.

We'll see you at 6.