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LONDON TONIGHT: Wednesday September 6th

Afternoon ..

Major developments in the murder case which is our main story in London tonight. A 17 year old is in custody over the stabbing of grandmother Carmelita Tulloch in Vauxhall yesterday morning.
Jon Gilbert will have the latest on that.

Another mystery ... But however it happened, a car careered off the road in Stamford Hill this morning, through some school gates, into the school itself, only coming to a halt in a classroom. Miraculously, no one was killed, though there have been some injuries. Simon Harris has been trying to find out what happened.

In the worthy and seemingly endless efforts to get us all to go green, we've got a couple of reports for you tonight .. First, Piers Hopkirk saddles up to try out a new scheme to get us to borrow communal bikes, to cycle around London .... Are we all honest enough? And then we spend some time with the Murphy family in Sheen, seeing how they've been changing their ways to save the planet.

But then we get showbiz. Seriously, proper showbiz. John Barry might not be a name you immediately recognise.. But you'll undoubtedly know the tunes he's composed..... Goldfinger... Born Free... Yes, this man is a god when it comes to film music, and he was rightly recognised as such with a lifetime achievement award at the Mercury Music prize last night . Steve Hargrave went to meet him. And then Bob Geldof's been in a film. About Bob Geldof lookalikes. ....

Tune in for all that at 6. See you then.

Al and Katie x.