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Weather blog

Good Evening.

In Southern California - where I've just spent a fortnight - if it rains it is the top news story with reporters dispatched to various locations, extended travel reports showing cars on the freeway WITH THEIR WIPERS ON & much on screen debate as to how long the stormy conditions will last. If things worked in the same way here where the weather can throw a curved ball at any moment, our programmes would be meteorological spectaculars occasionally interrupted (but only briefly) by cursory news items.

It's currently grey & wet but it will get better, starting tomorrow. That's all that needs to be said. No special assignments. No live shots....

After a break from the office I always imagine I'll return to a barely recognisable landscape. Of course this isn't usually the case but this year I can report 2 big (& I think significant) changes; not only do the loos now have state of the art lighting but they also boast new soap dispensers. Definitely worth a bumpy 11 hour flight.

Until later, I hope.