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Wednesday 2nd July

Wednesday 2nd July


It's Stuart here again.

As I write this, the Kinsella family are giving another news conference about the murder of Ben in Holloway in the early hours of Sunday morning. We'll have that story - as well as the words of Sir Ian Blair - and - tragically - details of a stabbing in Peckham last night that's left a 28 year old woman dead.

Elsewhere tonight - Ronke has a lovely tale of a woman who came from the Caribbean to work in the NHS - she was one of thousands of doctors, nurses, cleaners and porters who answered the call to come to London and help shape the new health service after the Second World War. It's part of our NHS 60 series.

Also - we take up the case of a bathroom that the owners say wasn't fitted properly. Why can't they get it fixed?

And then - a man who in 1974 broke into the World Trade Center in New York. He managed to get a cable between the two towers. And then he danced on it for 45 minutes. He's in the studio, talking about a new film that tells his story.

Finally - John Lydon. Back in the 70s he appeared with the other Sex Pistols on ITV, on the regional magazine programme of the time - Today - and said some rude words. Unfortunately for Thames Television it was live - and they got in some trouble. John said some more rude words when Lucy went to meet him, but luckily it was recorded so we can remove them. You see - TV can learn from its mistakes.

See you at six..