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We're leading with the pretty shocking story that an NHS trust in our patch, Sutton and Merton to be precise, has admitted that it's failed to meet all 3 new government targets on cleanliness and hygiene. The aim was to cut the appalling rates of MRSA and C diff.... the result in this case: rubbish.

There's some good news - we think - from County Hall this afternoon. It seems Ken is cutting bus fares back to 90p for a single if you use your Oyster card. So why the caveat? Well, they were keeping their cards very close to their chest about this one, and we're not sure why they wouldn't shout to the roof tops. It also seems they can afford the cuts because the Tube budget is in surplus to the tune of 150 million pounds this year. Perhaps that money should be ploughed back into the tube system?

We're getting all the details on the footballers arrested for allegedly fiddling their driving license points... we're with the retired naval officer who's the first person to be evicted by the Olympic machine - he's got til tomorrow to move out.

Damien's been off investigating the joys of living in a houseboat.. while Kirstie will be with us to talk about the increasingly cavernous gulf between rich and poor in this city, not to mention the death of community spirit in the suburbs. So plenty of property news for us to get our teeth into.

For a bit of fun we're getting all excited about the man who came 4th in American Idol. No, really. He actually has done significantly better than all his other rivals on the show put together ... he's massive in the States. Tonight he's playing London .. and Jasmine went to meet him.

And that, is pretty much it.

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