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It's Friday!

And not only that - Robin says it's going to be a nice weekend - so yay for the weather!

But Boo to the evil food in the office.

It's become a bit of a Friday tradition here... Ben brings evil chocolates..sits there and eats his fruit salad and looks down his nose at those of us who have no self control. George is celebrating his birthday today by testing our will power further - plonking not one but two trays of Krispy Kremes on the desk. Luckily they are next to Robyn who is allowed to eat as many as she likes as she is heavily pregnant and it is a well known fact that babies like donuts. I like donuts too but I do not need them post the 5 courses every night on holiday and the slight cold I have which is for some reason driving me to eat everything in sight (why couldn't I have a nice case of appetite suppressing gastro!? Why!?). All this ramble basically means I am distracted by treats and trying my best not to be drawn towards their evilness.

I shall try and concentrate on the program instead which I should probably do anyway - but I am easily distracted..It's not just me - even though the boys seem to be able to avoid the goodies they have been distracted by girls in bikinis. Apparently there are some scantily clad women (who obviously don't eat donuts very often) in Calvin Harris' new video. Something to do with electric paint on theirs hands means they must wear bikinis - or so Ken says anyway. They will be on the program tonight under the guise of Lucy interviewing Calvin about his new album which has something in the title to do with the weekend - which it nearly is - yay again!

This weekend is (along with being one for a barbie) the anniversary of the Great Train Robbery, the Great Train Robber himself is celebrating his 80th and Ronnie Biggs - as we told you last night - will be celebrating his first weekend of freedom.

So we start with him tonight. He may be in hospital, where docs say he has little chance of recovering from pneumonia, but it is still a weekend of celebration for him and his family. Others are not celebrating the fact he's been granted freedom by the government who did a bit of a 180 yesterday - ok a complete 360! Sally's outside the hospital and Phil's bringing all the pieces of his life together. We're wondering if he'll be well enough to come home to Barnet or to make it to Margate for that last pint.

One person heading for jail rather than out of it is Samantha Orobator - she's left one jail for another really. She was in Laos you'll remember where she'd been jailed for life for smuggling heroin. She's pregnant so avoided the death penalty and a deal's been done so she can serve her sentence here. Glen's going to tell us how that all came about and how her family feel about her return - and the imminent arrival of her baby.

A departure now - of a caravan to be precise. Not sure why anyone would want a caravan in the first place, let alone want to steal one but each to their own. This one belonged to a war hero - now as Ben has just pointed out it probably wasn't obvious from the caravan who it belonged to - no sign saying I'm a war hero, respect me on the side. But nevertheless a lack of respect and a lost caravan take us (Piers mainly) to Clacket Lane Services on the hunt for said holiday home.

LVJ's in charge of AFC tonight - the Wimbledon team formed from the MK Dons - Wimbledon malarky - start the season a a high and hope to end it even higher - oh yes, football's back. It starts tonight and ends in 11 months in South Africa - fingers crossed with the England team there (I support England in this instance as the Aussies can't play soccer..but they can still play cricket judging by the score today - moving on..).

We've got filmage with Robbie Collins - The Ugly Truth (the one with the hunky Gerard Butler) and GI Joe (the one with the gorgeous Sienna Miller). Something for everyone!

I must confess - I have just stolen a bit of donut - Salma started taunting me with one so I stole a piece - she has now deposited another bit on my desk. Surely it doesn't count if I didn't actually go and get it myself....? Robin's reassuring me (well, he just picked up one too) with the old feed a cold business - I know it's true but I don't think the saying means feed constantly until you can't move!!!

I'm going for a jog (ok a short totter..) see you at 6.

Alex & Ben.

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