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Good Afternoon.

One of the oddest things that happens to us is that , when we are on air with a bulletin, a rumour starts to circulate. The clock ticks away until the programme finishes as colleagues lift every stone to try and stand the rumour up or knock it down.

So it was for Katie and me on the ITV Lunchtime News and the rumour was explosive.

Sir Ian Blair, Commissioner of the Met' was to stand down. As responsible journalists, we don't subscribe to the "not wrong for long" approach and, by 2pm as we came off air, we weren't sure enough to report it. We are now. He is to make a statement in a little under and hour and at 6pm we will have the full story for you.

From "never liked him" to "he's the target of a right-wing conspiracy", we'll have all views and ask for yours, too.

We'll also have the remarkable story to one of the successes scored by the men and women under Sir Ian's command - the jailing of a woman who made Walter Mitty look like a man who was steeped in reality and Ronnie Biggs, a fine upstanding example of a law abiding citizen. Her taste was for jewels and fine art, especially when it belonged to someone else. She was good but she was caught. Birthday boy Marcus gets this gift of a story.

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Some of the finest poetry, penned in the English language. Acts of selfless heroism. The most obscene waste of human life in living memory. All are icons of what Edwardians dubbed The Great War and the most optimistic among then named The War to End all Wars. It was neither and the Imperial War Museum has opened an exhibition to mark the 90th anniversary of its ending next month. Lewis has been down Lambeth way for a look at a fitting tribute to the victims and the tragically fewer survivors of that blot on humanity's landscape.

And from blots on the landscape to a jewel in our crown - Tamzin is back! "Hurrah!" I lead you in shouting. She has a new show at 1130 tonight called Forward slash London or, in electro-script, "/london". Tonight she talks to Frank Bruno among others but, for me, it is just the joy of having her back. We will give you a taster.

This news leads us into the lighter side of life in our televisual trek across the metropolis - Kelly Brook, who has done most things and can do little wrong in my book, has made her debut on the West End stage in a swimming suit. I think that covers most bases for the theartre crtics and the blokes among you! Lucy , an elegant image of beautiful talent herself, makes it a magic double act.

Then Roy Walker joins us in the studio. Compared to having Kelly in the studio, he's good but it's not right. Seriously, he is a durable pillar of LE and has a one man autobiographical show that, like Richard and Judy, is proving a not immediately obvious sucess on the University circuit. Say what you see will prompt you to say "It's Roy Walker"...

Robin will look at his charts and will say what HE sees - perhaps some sun, rising over the grey horizon? One can but hope.

And remember, your thoughts, reminiscences, affection and prejudices over Sir Ian Blair.

See you at six.

Alastair and Salma.

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