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LONDON TONIGHT TONIGHT: Tuesday 18th September

LONDON TONIGHT TONIGHT: Tuesday 18th September

Good afternoon, all.

We start the show tonight with a harrowing tale, though one at least with a happy ending of sorts. It's a ground breaking case, in which a family have won out of court damages from Hackney Council for not putting them into care when they were kids, 30 years ago. £100,000 may not make up for the abuse these siblings suffered at the hands of their stepfathers .. but it's compensation of sorts. And of course, we'll ask if it could open the floodgates for other retrospective cases.

We're live in Virginia Water where a flock of sheep have been slaughtered. They tested positive for foot and mouth. This story of anguish and ruin for farmers just isn't going away.

If you like meccano or lego, then you must tune in for Simon's report, as down at the site of the 2012 games we'll be showing you a MASSIVE crane, swinging a bridge into place. It's a must for all you little boys out there.

Ben has another moving film in our series about Carers.. tonight some awe inspiring foster parents. You'll be able to vote for the ITV London Carer of the Year at the end of the week.

We've got a look ahead to the football, and Tamzin's been hanging out with Quentin Tarantino ( of course she has. She is glamorous to the tips of her toes.)

And talking of glamorous, we've been following singer Sandi Thom around fashion week, getting a celebrity take on the parties and the frocks, darling. I wonder if I'll get a chance to tell her about my 7 year old's conviction that her hit single was actually " I wish I were a prawn cracker, with flowers in my hair... "? Maybe I'll let that one slide by..


See you at 6,

Katie and Al.