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London Tonight Tonight Monday 3rd March

London Tonight Tonight Monday 3rd March
Good afternoon.
"Neighbours" is a fine Rolling Stones track which talks of the contrasting characteristics of the "great to have around" people and the "never darken my door" brigade. Both are on the programme tonight.
The negative comes in the form of a serial drunk who made a habit of trying to gain access to the wrong house when he returned from whichever drinking venue had taken his fancy of a night. He'd get the street right but not the house. Normally it just annoyed folk, but on the occasion we have the sad duty to report, it got fatally out of hand. The grim truth with Glen at 6.

The good guy is David Gilmour, one time lead guitarist of Pink Floyd, and now a hugely successful solo artist. He had a magnificent home in London which was surplus to his requirements. He sold it and, instead of banking another few millions, he told homeless charity Crisis they could have the dosh as long as they built homes for low-paid and homeless people. Crisis leapt at it. Gloom descends as we tell you of the legions of Londoners and their spineless representatives who said - "nice idea but not in my neighbourhood".
Louisa takes us through the planning issues rather than the moral vacuum of this story.

You might think there is a moral and legal vacuum on the internet: is there nothing you can't get up to in the electronic ether which is the worldwide web?
Advertise a car, lure an unsuspecting punter to view the car and bosh - the punter gets a thrashing from the yobs and no car. It gets a lot worse but I think I'll leave Marcus, a bit of an MG man, to tell you about it. You will log on with greater caution in future, I can tell you.

Fiona Richmond was a glamour-puss in the 60s and 70s and had a yellow E-Type Jag with a rude number plate. Her benefactor was soft-porn original Paul Raymond - not "Raymund" but "RaymOnd" , like a french hairdresser.
Porn pays and Mr. R went on to buy the bulk of Soho - no irony, he knew exactly what he was doing and where he was buying. Tragedy stalked this man's curious and sometimes shady life and, as he now prepares to pay rent to his maker...., Ben does a "This WAS Your Life" on the late porn to property plutocrat.

Good news on the care home front for one of our viewers which will interest all of you of a certain age.
We've Boris on the buses and Balpa, the airline pilots' Union, on why Heathrow should get so big it might bump into Gatwick, Stansted and Luton before it's finished.
Also, Robin on why you must keep wrapped up for another 24 hours, and London's papers on what happened in the last 24.

Sorry we failed to get in touch on Friday but  I blame Salma - mainly because she's not here today.

We are, and hope to see you at 6.

Alastair & Katie.