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Michael Jackson in London

So he's coming..
If you missed London Tonight, this is what happened in Greenwich late this afternoon..

London Tonight Tonight Thursday 5th March 2009


It's all gone a bit Wacko Jacko here. Since we found out yesterday that the King of Pop is heading for the O2 it's all anyone's been talking about. Lucy's down there with a load of die-hard fans waiting for the man himself to make the big announcement - we were told it was going to be 4 o'clock - but as Faye rightly pointed out - it's bound to be later - hopefully it'll be before 6!
Posters all over the tube this morning have kind of given the game away but it's still going to be quite something to hear from Jackson himself that he's getting back on stage and see what kind of state he's in after rumours that he's been really ill. We're not allowed to film him with our own cameras - Al wonders whether it's 'cos he'll melt, Big Ed reckons the two cameras that will be on him will be smeared in vaseline soft-focus stylie - so we'll see - but only what his people want us to see I guess.
We had a bit of a debate about whether this is all really really exciting or not - mainly as Al doesn't seem convinced. I agree with Faye who says despite what he's been accused of in the past, he's still MICHAEL JACKSON! If we can get our hands on tickets I'll be there but won't be counting on Al for company.

While we wait for the results of that press conference the results are in on our councils. Not surprising news when it comes to Haringey - they're down to just one star after the Baby P case. They have promised to sort out the way they look after kids in the area - even though it's too late for him, it hopefully won't happen again. But Surrey council's been warned a Baby P case could happen there if they don't sort out the way they look after their children. It's one of the wealthiest counties but apparently vulnerable kids there just aren't being looked after properly. Surrey aren't happy to be in the same boat as Haringey when it comes to that one star rating. Ronke's gone to speak to them about it.

Harris is in Paris - it rhymes and everything!! Simon's been sent back to the land of the baguette to check out the Crossrail train there 'cos it's just like the one we're getting. We'll show you that and hopefully see how fast it goes!

DJ Ian Collins has been sent to Soho - the land of seedy late night offerings. The council wants to sort its image out - and try and close down the brothels etc. which survive alongside the bars, clubs and restaurants drawing people in. I'm hoping Ian won't have to sample the offerings in his report - especially not those hot dogs off the street - they do smell good when you've had a quick drinkie or three, but they really can not be good for you. Those street vendors look set for the chop along with the clip joints. I'm just hoping they'll put the bins back - getting rid of the litter would be a very good way to start cleaning up!

Oh - And I've just seen Jacko's car arrive at the O2 on the telly - there's a chopper up tracking his every move! This is going to be entertaining.

See you at 6.

Alex and Alastair.