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London Tonight Tonight Friday 18th July

London Tonight Tonight Friday 18th July

Good afternoon.

We now know it was a really close run thing for Dwain Chambers. The Judge implied he might have ruled the other way had the sprinter made his claim for Olympic selection a little earlier. But the Judge said he backed the British Olympic Committee in saying a drugs ban - in the land of the inter-linked rings - is forever. For a man whose life's successes have been judged in hundredths of seconds, he will rue a matter of weeks for the rest of his life.

In stunning contrast we have a unique peak at the world of the 1948 Olympics, the last Games to be held in London. Two Dorothy's, Parlett and Tyler, wore long white skirts and sensible white shoes with pride all that time ago and tell us of a different story of rationing and borrowed bedrooms. Drugs? For them that meant cod liver oil and a rich linctus for a sore throat.

It is a conscious contrast we've put together for you, and will ask if you think we might just have lost something special in those intervening sixty years.


We doubt if thirty youngsters would have turned on two coppers and put one of them in hospital in 1948, but then it might just be the case that they wouldn't have dropped litter necessitating the initial intervention of the cops in the first place. Marcus hears divided opinion on the Clash of Croydon.

Talking of litter, James will review the film "WALL-E", which is pronounced Wally, and is about a little robot who has to tidy up the universe. He also looks at MEET DAVE which, some say, WALL-E could be well advised to take his 21st Century dust pan and brush to, but you will be the judges of that under the tutelage of Mr King in his rubber gloves and pinny.

Faye, somewhat eclectic in a pink and grey striped top, "distressed" jeans and plimsols today, coo-ed about WALL-E. She was at the Icebar last night and has been rubbing a cube of the aforementioned commodity across her fevered brow for much of the day. We are talking quietly, and she is off on holiday tomorrow, so I'll let it go as a case of getting into pre-Club 30 mode.

Bet WALL-E would have been kept busy at the Icebar in the early hours...Faye's cat isn't talking to her at the moment, but who can blame him?

Love Box is apparently a popular music festival. Headlining: Groove Armada who are apparently a currently popular band. Lucy, who knows so much more about these matters, will share and you will love it ... or your grandchildren will.

Human League I do know, and actually purchased an album of their's some little time ago. The "LP" was invented in 1948, but it was a little later than that - more like the early 80s. Anyway, I look forward to telling them yes, "I DO want you baby", when they join us live at 6.

I have resigned from any interest in what not to miss and no longer even accord it capital letters. I got excited when I thought someone said Eddie Murphy was doing it, but I gather I misheard them.

Incidentally, 1948 was also the year of the Silver Jubilee of George V and Queen Mary and the foundation of the NHS, not that that helped Gandhi who was assassinated in India that year, too. The BBC was broadcasting in black and white and we didn't even exist.

How happy we are, then, in 2008, to invite you to join us in rich colour for all this and more at 6.

Alastair and Salma "of course I didn't say Eddie Murphy, you dolt" Siraj.