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Good afternoon.

What a pond of anger and disquiet we dipped into last night! I had never even heard of "Chafford Hundred" though I know Lakeside very well. Chafford Hundred is a new housing development out there - where lots of lovely people are making their homes but not getting their kids into the schools they want. 22 kids to be precise. And it was clear from your calls and e-mails that what Liz discovered out there is far from unique.

Tonight, we've new twists that involve kids from the same family being forced to go to different schools in a way that drives a coach and horses through regulations. And a local MP who is outspoken, colourful and Labour - but who HM Government may wish had stayed on holiday! The Thurrock Thunderer, live at 6,.

Talking of holidays, I am afraid there's still no good news on the Heathrow front ; we take no sides on the environmental issues at stake but can report the protestors aren't moving - in more ways than one. Some are still firmly, if not a little muddily, at Heathrow. Others were firmly fixed at the Department of Transport and, in some cases, to the Department of Transport in what will prove a very painful way. Up, up and away with all on that story at 6.

My favourite tale tonight would not be out of place in an episode of Blackadder and a version of it featured in The Madness of King George. It is living proof that the old ways are sometimes still the best ways. It involves 30 slimy horrors, a mangled limb and a very happy man. You see if I'm not right!

But top of our news list is a simple yet stunningly powerful piece of work designed to save lives in London.

Hearts are not worn on sleeves nor is your nose rubbed in the bloody aftermath of a street shooting or knifing. A moving mix of classical music and stunning photography, blended with the image of a boy whose cousin was a victim, and the result is breath taking. We know you will be impressed and we all hope it does some good.

It is Friday so we will flirt, outrageously, with Julian Clary. Steve Hargrave took plums and a sausage to the interview which, personally, I think don't make for an agreeable lunch: sausages and tomatoes or plums and shortbread - but not plums and sausages. Anyway, we'll see what Julian makes of them.

Jasmin caught Matt Damon at the premier of Bourne Ultimatum and secured a terrific interview - even if it left her not a little speechless. (Mind you, Faye The Boss was as much use as a paper teapot afterwards, too, so it is hardly Jasmin's fault.)

Anyway, Helen casts a much more objective eye over the movie itself to help you decide whether it joins your Must Do This Weekend list or is a case of Bourne Avoidance.

She also looks at Bratz which I'd swear my kids auditioned for. Maybe they are in it? They never tell me anything these days apart from when they've run out of money.

Romily has answered the titanic challenge of crafting and recording her version of What Not To Miss - she looked a little nervous when The Boss asked her to do it and I think may even have gone for a lie-down , as I write, so as to be in mental and physical readiness for what many see as the Everest of TV packaging.

In every hope she survives the ordeal, we'll both see you at 6.

Alastair and Romily