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Good Afternoon -

I've just had a flu vaccination and, not being a great fan of injections, I'm feeling a tad pleased with myself. I've never actually passed out at the sight of a needle (unlike a boy at school who, moments after his BCG jab, fell to the floor murmuring "Mummy, Mummy, get off me". The fact that I mention it today gives you an idea of how readily his school mates let that one go...). Anyway, the left arm's doing fine and I'm hoping that this year's flu strains will be taking a running jump.

Nina's had her jab too; she insisted on having hers before Robin, in case she came over all funny. She didn't. As for Robin... well, he comes over funny every evening.

Now - the programme.

Another day of misery on the tube. The Victoria line was stuffed today. What on earth is going on? We'll be asking TfL exactly that.

The coroner told one of the survivors of the 7/7 bombings today that she is "truly inspirational" - Martine Wright lost both her legs when Shehzad Tanweer detonated a bomb on a tube train at Aldgate. She's now walking, and today was talking about her experience at the inquests into the deaths of those who died.

24 hours to go until we find out just how much money is going to be stripped from national Government departments as well as local government budgets. We'll have a special programme looking at the Comprehensive Spending Review tomorrow, but today we're looking at the possible impact on the capital's housing budget as well as the future of a specific police patrol in Essex which has, in recent years, reduced the number of accidents dramatically.

The twist and turns of our international relations are a thing of wonder, aren't they? A massive restoration project on HMS Belfast has just been completed- and paid for - by the Russians. Having seen them as our arch enemy for more than 40 years, the Russians have now 'done up' one of our national monuments in recognition of its work supplying the Soviet Union during the Second World War. HRH Prince Philip was there today. And so were we.

Oh - and we'll also be talking to some bloke called Bruce. Forsyth? Willis? Springsteen? Well, let's just say he's in a new action movie with Dame Helen Mirren. We might be talking to her too. I said "might".

See you at six,

Ben & Nina