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London Tonight Tonight Monday 11th August

London Tonight Tonight Monday 11th August

Happy Monday everyone.

Was anyone else watching the Olympic opening ceremony from Beijing thinking how on earth is London going to follow that?

And not just the fireworks and the whizz-bangery but the billion dollar venues and the sheer efficiency of it all. How will our plastic-coated 2012 stadium hold it's own against the mighty Bird's Nest, our beloved tube against their Olympic Highways, their multi-billion pound spending power against London's already stretched budget? Well if anyone should be worried about it, it's Seb Coe. But tune in tonight to hear how he's actually not worried about it all. In fact he'll be telling us that London will benefit from being a different kind of Games. Not so much "faster, higher, stronger" perhaps as "smaller, quirkier, and more interesting".

And that's not all from Beijing. Simon Harris has also been talking to Billy Joe Saunders - the London boxer who is one of our brightest, shiniest hopes for a medal. He won his first round match - there's still some way to go, but he tells Simon how the support of everyone back home is giving some zip to his punches.

Now who hasn't been gripped by the story of Clark Rockefeller the mysterious American with the untraceable past, who is accused of kidnapping his own daughter Reigh? Well the tale just got a whole lot weirder. Rockefeller - it's being reported - could be the suspect in a double murder case......... Ronke Phillips will attempt to clear up the mystery.

Then there's the amazing story of the man who survived being hit by an exploding emergency flare. At 3,000 degrees centigrade it caused him massive internal injuries. And yet he made it through after 4 months in intensive care in Wexham Park. Now he wants to thank the hospital that saved his life.

And find out why summer could be even grimmer than usual on the tube, and why you might get less than you bargained for when you move house.

It's all joy of joys round here!

See you at six,

Romilly and Ben