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Hello from the London Tonight Friday team.

This evening we start with a fascinating look at pirate radio. New research from regulator Ofcom reveals that more than 800,000 Londoners are tuning in each week - and in some London boroughs more than a quarter of adults are listening. What does that say about the current mainstream radio stations? We've been investigating, and we've had exclusive access inside one of the stations today.

Where do you put a big bronze statue of Nelson Mandela? That question has caused a five year row - but the model of the former South African president now has a home. Or it will do soon, anyway. Find out where officials have finally decided to put it at six.

It's Marathon weekend - we're live on the course with advice for those running - and those watching.

Arsenal are playing in the UEFA cup final tomorrow. With a twist. We won't give the game away now, but it's an interesting story.

There have also been developments at Chelsea this afternoon - we'll keep you updated.

James looks at this weekend's movies - and then soul legend Alexander O'Neal is with us in the studio.

Don't miss the programme - it's Alastair and Tamzin with you this evening - and we're live at six.

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