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Weather blog

Good evening,
There was a train delay this morning -signalling problems- & it was interesting to note the intricate ballot of the passengers' reactions.
Initially there was much tutting & general meerkat-style looking around. Then a flurry of noisy phone calls accompanied by eye rolling & arm waving. This was followed by a moment of stillness & collective resentment as the fast train sped through the station carrying its cargo of smug air conditioned commuters punctually into town, before we all finally accepted the inevitable, unfolded our papers & found a place in the shade to sit things out as the sun beat down on the crowded platform. But for the rising panic caused by a looming morning weather bulletin, I might have even bought myself a coffee & actually enjoyed the enforced wait.
It was already hot when I eventually arrived in London at 9.30 & the mercury has been rising ever since. With that in mind I've been fighting my natural instincts to rush everywhere & risk overheating, but instead have taken the day at a marginally more Mediterranean pace & so far it's working well. The heatwave will be with us for the immediate future during which time I'm hoping my suggestion of a 2 hour lunchbreak followed by a siesta will have received serious consideration from the bosses.
I'm off for spot of free opera in Trafalgar Square for tonight's programme. I'm intrigued to see what percentage of the audience will be enjoying the performance naked from the waist up with their feet in a fountain....
See you later,