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London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 14th November

London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 14th November
Good afternoon.
We should have put the cameras in our planning meeting today.
We had a right old row  -  no other way of describing it - about poverty.
"Bong": 41% of London children live in poverty. Now what image does that conjure up in your mind? The author is mad, can't count, is a revolutionary, anarcho-syndicalist or .....  a sound judge of social deprivation in Blair-Brown's Britain?
And what do we mean by poverty? Absolute poverty, relative poverty, or social exclusion?
Before you switch channels and enjoy a cartoon, let me tell you this: I was among the doubting Thomas brigade until I saw Emma's report. Two "clients" of the Salvation Army in the 2007 London we love and admire, that will make your toes curl. Give us the chance and honour of shining a lttle light for you on something that will surprise, shock and I suspect sadden you.
Remember the MMR row? Measles, mumps and rubella? Lots of parents said over my dead body - bad choice of cliche, that.
The numbers of kids not getting the jab has jumped and medics are increasingly worried about the implications for the health of our little loved ones. Liz is our Florence Nightingale.
Phil went to Waterloo, Brussels and St Pancras all in the space of 18 hours. No duty frees these days but quite a tale and a record breaking run, to boot.  We've let him keep the green and red flags for having done so well.
Look out for a Red Ford Torino outside our studio turning into a three masted pirate ship as an icon of 70s TV turns into the rogue of J.M.Barrie's brilliant romp. It helped support Great Ormond Street Hospital for years so it is a good thing. And apart from the clothes and hair-styles, so was the TV show. All will become clear as we take you to never-never land - and I don't mean Hollywood.
We also have the fattest hedgehog in the world - George. You may have seem him in the papers but we have him live, with Robin.
I am very excited.
Alastair & Nina