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Good Afternoon one and all,

It's Friday afternoon and when I find myself doing the main programme on a Friday I buy a box of chocolates to share with whoever's on duty.. Partly to big up the weekend. Mainly to get people to pretend they're my friends at playtime. Now, today's box has been open for about three quarters of an hour and yet there are loads left. This is somewhat unusual. Normally, Ms Hyndman tucks in quite merrily - but she's just had a big sandwich and a bit of cake which appears to have taken the edge of her hunger. Becky wandered over from planning to take a fistful - which she's going to share out with some others - or so she says. One of our producers, Robyn, is never backwards in coming forwards - but she's rather pregnant and getting over here appears to be too great an effort. Very unlike her. And it's her birthday - so I'll take a couple over to her in a moment. Still - there are rather a few left. Not that I mind. Any remaining at the end of the day will be coming home with me. Should be a good weekend.

Better get on with the programme run-down.

So - bendy-buses. He said he'd get rid of them and, today, Boris started to make good on his word with the first batch being taken out of service. Anyone getting to and from anywhere on the number 507 bus will now not be doing on on a bendy bus. We're not allowed to express our opinions - we have to be objective about these things. You, however, can say what you really think and we hope you will when we open this one up for e-mails and texts later.

We've a horrid tale of a 13 year old girl being abducted and sexually abused by someone - CCTV pictures showing the moment she was snatched off the street. Police would like your help to find her attacker.

In fact we've got two police appeals for you tonight - doing our bit to keep the capital safer. You may remember we reported on a possible arson attack in Tooting a couple of weeks back - where two brothers and two sisters were left seriously ill in hospital. Well, one of those girls has since died - and the police need to find out what happened and who was responsible.

We've also got a report on Amy Winehouse's court appearance - she was found 'not guilty' of punching someone today.

And sticking with the musical theme, Lucy Cotter has been talking to Aha - about performing at the Roundhouse and their upcoming new album.

Throw in a couple of new films hitting London's cinemas and our usual Friday guide to What Not to Miss, and that's going to pretty much fill up our half hour.

Now, anyone for a chocolate?

See you at six,

Ben & Alex
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