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London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 25th November 2008

Good afternoon.
If a car pulls out at a red light and hits you: you claim against the driver's insurance.
If you accuse someone of stealing your car and they deny it, you may end up in court arguing the case in front of a jury who then decide the rights and wrongs of it.
But if a sovereign state gives explosives to a terrorist group in another sovereign state, who then blow up a part of the capital of a third sovereign state; Who sues who, and who will step in to help the victims?
And what if the third sovereign state then declares the first sovereign state to be it's new "best mate" and refuses to pursue the first sovereign state for damages? The victims are left high and dry.
Le Carre? Fleming? No, Canary Wharf, 1996, with the sovereign states being Libya, Ireland and the UK, respectively.
Tonight we meet the victim who speaks for the many victims of Canary Wharf who have been left, all these years on, with little more than an apology. You can't pay bills or rebuild your life with a "sorry". Lewis Vaughan Jones explores the third party, fire and theft dilemmas of the terror victims.

Tarique Ghaffur - victim of racist career restraint or a man who had hit a professional plateau, only to enjoy no further promotion? We will never know but interesting to note that in addition to the presumed traditional gold carriage clock he will receive at his farewell do on Thursday, he'll also trouser a cheque for a rumoured £300 k from the MPA by way of settlement of their little disagreement. Phil has been loitering with intent outside the Yard and will share what he has discovered.

Our round up of other news involves naughty nooky in far flung places, and Boris accusing the First Lord of the Treasury of dipsomania. I'd watch just to discover what on earth I am writing about.
If that doesn't do it, what about learning who the first happy, and doubtlessly noisy, recipients are of a slice of our People's Millions? A huge blank cheque has been propped up against Hannah's desk most of the afternoon apart from when various vagrants and ne'er do wells wander off with it innocently under their arms only to return it when they realise it is yet to be signed by The Big Boss and therefore of no use other than as a huge fly swat. When signed it will make one group of Londoners very happy. Find out, with Glen, who tonight's winners are. One of the geniuses from graphics has just lifted it: I think she may be about to append the signature and I am the first to realise this... Christmas looks brighter, suddenly.

Before fleeing the country with my People's Millions, Alex and I will talk to Ned about Arsene, Arsenal, Gallas and Fabrigas - looks like two misprints and an order form for a French perfume factory, doesn't it? Fortunately, Alex knows about sport being a Setanta talent when she is not a London Tonight lovely. I will look knowledgeable but she is the genuine article. Ned will know the difference and will be kind about the Gunners chances against Dynamo Kiev - a cross between power-generation and garlic chicken more than a football club, surely? Alex will explain, I'm sure.

Lucy talks to Robert De Niro. The ease with which I write that in a sort of not over-shocked and quite unsurprised sort of way is a tribute to her skills and those of my friend Max who is our Entertainments Editor. Between them, they do bring you some amazing guests, I always think and for which I am always grateful. Hard workers and lovely people, the pair of them.

And that, I think, is that. Chrissie will take options on the weather but look where that has left most of London's hedge funds? Faye, (electric blue top, black troos and Ugg boots as I think they are known), is sporting a scarf today. They all mocked me yesterday, led by our own Cruella de Ville, Derham. Craig David agreed with me and today, the Lovely One has even copied me - the finest form of flattery, I know.
Just making the point.

Now I'll move on to bid you a warm invitation to join me and Alex for another London Tonight at 6.
(I was joking about pinching the people's pounds.)

Alastair and Alex