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Do you remember the school teacher Sarah Flooks who mysteriously vanished without a trace last March ? She'd left her home in Wanstead at 7 in the morning to go to work and not been seen again. Well today, tragically, we hear police believe they have found her body. The grim discovery was made yesterday in a woodland area in Wanstead Park. We will have a full report on the programme at 6.

Also - what would YOU think if photos of your house and car, with all details including number plates and any security features clearly visible, were made available on the internet. Well, if you live in Camden we have to tell you that those photos are out there. And what makes it worse in residents' eyes is that they are on a council website. We'll be asking for your views on this one.

The English National Ballet faced a protest today - from Anti-Fascist demonstrators. They were calling for one of their dancers to be sacked after she was exposed as a member of the British National Party. Simone Clarke WAS back on stage today but the debate continues about whether her political beliefs SHOULD have a bearing on her future career with the company.

As it's Friday we thought we'd give you a double dose of showbiz....reviews of this weekend's big releases, including Will Smith's latest AND Al Murray live in the studio talking to us about his new TV project.

PLUS all the sport from Willsy...Chrissie halfway up an ice-wall (possibly, if she's got the bottle) and details on what you can get up to in the capital over the next couple of days.

All just waiting for you at 6

See you then

Tamzin and Alastair