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Kauto Star's won the gold cup at Cheltenham - Al's not happy... he put his money on Barber Shop. Dishy Dan picked Alberta's Run in the office sweepstake - I had the unfortunate task of telling him it was a bit of an outside chance....

Another outside chance you might have thought - feeling unsafe in the back of a black cab. Robin's just asked if I'd feel unsafe now...I don't reckon I would. Despite John Worboys being convicted of drugging and assaulting female passengers, I still think it's one of the safest ways to get around London late at night. Ronke's going to be looking at the background to this case - as more disturbing details emerge about the former stripper and black cabbie... Ben's going to take the lead on safety - talking to the black cab bosses and the cops about how they're going to make sure another sex offender doesn't slip through their net.

We all know the credit crunch is on and we have to watch our pennies - but some people are getting desperate. I desperately want to go out for a lovely dinner tonight - but think I may cook at home and then just go for a few cheeky ones to try and cut costs. Not desperate measures I admit - just common sense. But some people are going to very different lengths to try and cut back/save themselves a few bob. They've decided shoplifting and fraud is the only way to make ends meet. Phil's looking at why - and talking to victims - whilst Rachel's gone back to Selfridges - third time this week! Don't worry she's not splashing the cash. It's the third instalment of her look at the iconic store which turns 100 this week and she'll be finding out how they're coping with the credit crunch.

Then the lovely James is here to talk movies - it's Marley and Me - which I still haven't convinced the other half to go and see with me! It's got puppies and everything - he's not convinced - despite the presence of Jennifer Aniston. I'll see what James says - not about coming with me obviously - just about the movie! And there's another flick called Hush. I've just watched a clip - looks v scary - not like something you should watch alone... But quite a lot like something I've seen before.

Finally Lucy's been to meet Annie Lennox - she's just released her greatest hits album. Fascinating chat apparently, so well worth hanging around for.

See for yourselves at 6.

See you then,

Alex & Alastair.