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Friday 14th November

Hi all,

The fallout from the appalling death of Baby P is still continuing, and still getting more shocking. Just when you were maybe thinking matters couldn't be worse at Haringey Council, it's now emerged that the Government - yes the Government - was alerted to a claim that child protection procedures were not being following by Haringey, six months before the death of the 17 month old boy.

The social worker who made the claim wrote several letters to government departments and to the Social Care Inspectorate but, according to her lawyer, they simply got pushed from "pillar to post". This story is changing and developing as I write but I can assure you that by 6pm, Ronke Phillips will be able to update you on today's wranglings. None of these wranglings however will bring back that poor child.

We'll also be able to show you Baby P's face, for the first time, at six.

The rest of the news has something of a property feel to it. The famous New Scotland Yard, the rented headquarters to the Met Police, is being sold off by it's owners. The Met would like to buy the freehold but, as you'd expect, it doesn't come cheap. Around £100 million in fact. That's some mortgage, and you're not going to get a particular good rate at the moment, are you?!

Up at N17, a resurgent Spurs are planning on developing their current White Hart Lane Ground into a new sixty thousand seater stadium. The complex will also have a museum, homes and a supermarket, but will it really be as iconic as the club claims? We know how sentimental footy fans are about their sacred turf.... Glen Goodman is off to investigate.

Golden Balls certainly has the midas touch when it comes to property - or at least the owner of a three bed house in Leytonstone is hoping so because one Mr D. Beckham was born there. Similar properties on Norman Road go for around £250,000 whereas the 'golden' house is on the market for over three times that. Bargain? Or baloney (as they may say in Becks' new suburb of LA)?

I'm not sure if the beautiful James Blunt is into property but he will be residing in the studio this evening to let us know about his new single and latest album. Our boss Stuart is in the programme editing chair tonight and has found a brilliant clip of our James singing a distinctly different version of his infamous "You're Beautiful" song. It's hilarious, and we will of course share it with you later. I won't give it away but it is good to see that our crooning captain can make fun of himself.

I was still smiling on my way to work this morning about 'Billgate' - or rather, Alastair's moment on the show yesterday when we were covering the 25th anniversary of ITV police drama "The Bill". If you missed it, he referred to D.I. Burnside (as in Detective Inspector) as 'Di' Burnside (as in Diana). Well, I was going to let it go but our gallery crew and our guest Alseha Dixon - who clearly all watch The Bill - started to giggle, which set me off. Al confessed to not watching the show... clearly! Anyway, he is the most experienced broadcaster I have ever worked with and, the true professional he is, he put his hand up to the gaffe quite willingly. Afterwards when we were off-air he admitted, "I don't mind... if it had been a political constituency however, I would have been horrified!" Love him.

Al deserves a rest after that so Ben is at the helm and rocking along to Supertramp's "Breakfast In America" at the moment - purely journalistic reasons though, as James Blunt has covered this. We do actually work. Honest.

Robin is also on top form, as always, and will have the weekend weather for you, plus James King has his pick of this week's movies and we'll keep you up to date with ideas for the weekend as the capital gears up for Christmas - already. Agh!

Looking forward to seeing you all at 6,

Faye B & Ben.













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