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London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 14th October 2008

London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 14th October 2008


I don't even know where to start we have such an eclectic mix of stories on the show tonight.

Ok, greed - let's begin there ... it's the subject of pretty much every front page, the greed that fuelled the banking crisis - they say. We're all feeling it in some way or another - Londoners it would appear - more so than the rest. Especially when it comes to the housing market. Estate Agents in the Capital are shifting less than one home a week. When you're losing your job, your savings and your confidence, it's hardly suprising that you don't want to commit to a new property: Hopefully betweeen Lewis Vaughan Jones and Kirsty Allsopp, we can offer some useful advice.

The Beckhams probably don't even know there is a credit crunch, but that hasn't prevented them from being the alleged victims of greed.

It all began when some of their unique, easily identifiable personal belongings popped up on Ebay. Police then arrested the Emmets - two of the housekeepers from Beckhingam Palace, and the Emmet's son. Ronke managed to talk to Mr Emmet - who denies any wrongdoing, hear exactly what he had to say at 6.


This next story is our absolute favourite - and we think you will love it too. Reg Wilson is a World War Two RAF hero. He survived being shot down over Germany, but some of his friends and comrades didn't. So after fighting hard for his country, Reg came home and began fighting for his lost friends - dedicating much of his life to finding their remains. And at sixty years old he's made a startling discovery. Jon Gilbert tells his wonderful story, which continues on tomorrow's show. It's truly compelling telly.

There's so much more besides, reverend Run from Run DMC on hosting the MOBO's, another installment in our Changing Faces series, plus - a name to remember ...Curtis Bushell ... he's just four years old and is well on the way to becoming a fine pianist. Tune in to get all the details. Plus of course the delicious Robin will be with us to provide more doom and gloom on the weather front.

Oooh - a very large box has just arrived for Alastair from Fortnum and Mason ..... what a bad time for him to wander off...

See you at 6.

Salma and Al