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Tuesday 5th August

Tuesday 5th August

Afternoon everyone,

Al is en route to Beijing as we speak, to bring everything you could possibly want to know about the Olympics starting on Thursday - so it's Ben and I with the news tonight.

First up, knife crime - thankfully not news of another tragic murder - but someone who is trying to create something positive out of a terrible personal tragedy. No doubt you remember how Ben Kinsella was stabbed in Islington barely a month ago - well in the weeks since then his sister - the former Eastenders actress Brooke has refused to be beaten by what happened. She's become a powerful voice for victims of knives. We spent some time with her, to find out how she is managing to cope and what she thinks should be done on our streets. She's an impressive woman - and the sort of person who you want to listen to.

Another week, another travel misery story - this time it's bad news for anyone for uses Blackfriars underground. London Transport has revealed that it is going to be shut for almost three years - yup THREE years. And it's one of London's busiest stations. Apparently it's so the overground station can be upgraded. So what are commuters supposed to do in the meantime? Jon Gilbert will be down there getting some answers.

Now yesterday we told you that chickens are taking over London's back gardens. Well better chickens than cess pits... Families on one street in Harrow couldn't understand why the air was filled with a terrible smell - until they looked into their neighbours' garden and found that a huge makeshift cesspit had been dug where the lawn once was. Phil Bayles has the dirt on that one - from a safe distance.

Then Damien's being finding out whether London restaurants are being crunched by the credit crisis, Chrissie's getting ready for winter already and find out all about the dark art of PR from a man who exposes how Hollywood stars and their PR's have been busy faking it.

See you at six,

Romilly and Ben