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LONDON TONIGHT: Thursday Aug 17

Good Afternoon,

Nearly the weekend - and for many youngsters in the capital it'll be a weekend of celebration.

The A Level results are out - and they're good - in fact for the 24th year running they're the best results ever. One in four grades was an A.....and of course that means the traditional dumbing-down debate has kicked off. Meanwhile - it seems the popularity of the Baccalaureate is rising here in the capital. Could this be the answer for the critics of the A Level ?

Also - are our hospitals geared up to deal with a major incident ? Since the July 7th bombings that's become an increasingly important question...and it seems the anwer is no. A new study has found that most senior doctors admit they're not prepared to deal with another emergency like that one.

Fancy a day mucking out monkeys or washing wallabies ? Well if that's the kind of animal magic that tickles your fancy you're in luck because London Zoo are now selling tickets to do just.

Chelsea fans, we're getting Frank with Mr Lampard..Paul Larsmon chats to the Blues hero about his career so far.

And ....If you're already planning your bank holiday weekend - and have a DIY project in mind - then our compeition could come in very useful...

All of that and the rest of the capital's breaking news at 6.

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