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Hello all. Hope you had a good weekend? I spent part of mine at my niece's 5th birthday party where my son invented a new dessert that he's proudly named 'Chocolate Hedgehog Cake'. It's a fairly simple recipe - all you do is get a massive piece of chocolate birthday cake - gooier the better - and stick loads of choclate fingers in it. Then - and this bit is crucial to the overall enjoyment, it would seem - you have to eat it in no more than three bites. It really was a sight to behold...and absolutely nothing to do with tonight's programme, sorry.

Last week Brighton, this week Manchester as our politcal correspondent, Simon Harris's whistle-stop Party Conference tour of the country continues. It's the Conservative Party's turn this week and while they are keen to discuss welfare reform, everyone else seems to want to discuss Boris Johnson. It looked like our Mayor was on course to put a spanner in the works over Europe yesterday, but today he's the conference darling....although, admitedly it is only day one! He's outlined £5b of savings from Transport for London over the next 9 years by "reducing office costs, restructuring and more efficient working". Popular in the conference halll, not so with the Unions who say such savings are bound to have an effect on frontline services. So, is Boris just headline-grabbing or do his sums add up? Simon's on hand with a big red pen to check the maths!

Ten years ago today, 31people died when two trains crashed head on near Ladbroke Grove in West London. At 9 minutes past 8 on October the 5th 1999, the driver of a Thames train accelerated through a red signal - which an inquiry later ruled was hard to see - with tragic consequences. Survivors and relatives of those killed gathered in silence at a memorial to pay their repects this morning. We report on what was an emotional day for all of them.

Reading the stories of survivors of the Paddinton crash and the heroic actions of the emergency services and members of the public is inspirational stuff, which brings us on to tonight's Pride of Britain Awards. The Prince of Wales and the Prime Minister will be on hand later to honour the winners including that of ITV's Feelgood Factor Award. Just a few weeks ago, a panel of experts chose London's candidate: Andrew Amers-Morrison, who founded Samba Street Soccer to get youngsters playing football. You may remember the scenes of elation when we told him he was our nomination a couple of weeks ago. He's been to Downing Street today and is gearing up for tonight's celebrity-studded ceremony where the real stars are the award-recipients themselves. It's on ITV1 on Wednesday at 8pm...and be warned - you will need tissues!

And Lucy's been talking to Shakira. Lots for them to talk about, including Shakira's new song and video "She Wolf" - nuff said.

See you at six.

Matt and Katie.