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London Tonight Tonight: Monday 31st March

London Tonight Tonight: Monday 31st March

Good afternoon - a fresh week on London Tonight: all new and seeking a place in your hearts and then your memories.

Keith Richards, of the Rolling Stones, is threatening to write his autobiography but admitted to several newspapers at the weekend that he finds the events of yesterday a challenge to recall. He could do worse than stroll down to the Hard Rock Cafe in Piccadilly and visit their fine collection of rock and roll memorabilia as Nick has done for you. They want "museum" status and if the inspectors came to make their final judgement at the same time as Keef wandered in, that would surely clinch it.
Might second preference votes clinch the Mayoralty for Ken? He has long hinted to friends that he thinks Boris might get it on first preferences but that he, himself, will steal it on "seconds".  Our poll, conducted with those fine people at the Evening Standard, will make mouth-watering reading for the two leading candidates but as to who will smile widest, you'll have to give ear to Harris at 6.
Should you have a fine cause in need of some of the lottery's dosh, you will also have to give ear at 6 and discover how we might be able to help.
We also have help on property and that ever present problem of an opening pitch price. If you are selling in a falling market, just where do you aim and to whom do you listen? Louisa has been mulling it all over and reflects, in our company and yours, at 6.
Finally, we reflect upon what was and what might have been when an executive jet ploughed into a cul-de-sac in Kent at the weekend.
A sad tale of bravery, achievement, promise and one of eternal luck for some and a fatal lack of it for others. We now know who everyone on board was and their stories are the stuff of legend. We will satisfy your need to know but I think leave with a sense of real loss, as well.
All the rest of the usual component parts will be there too - I suspect the story of the Farnborough crash will make it to the museum of your memories but who knows.
You be the judge at 6.
Alastair and Katie.