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London Tonight: Thursday 4th January

Good Afternoon one and all,

It's Thursday and you can almost smell the weekend. Just as well because it's felt like a very long week, hasn't it? Even though most of us had our feet up on Monday, week's end has been a long time coming.

Now. This evening's programme starts on the story that's dominated the news across the country - this morning's tragic coach crash on an M4 sliproad. Two people were killed and many more were injured, some of them even losing limbs. The driver's been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving. It's a desperate start to the year, and Phil Bayles has been following events for us.

We'll also have the latest on another, very sad, story. You may remember how Clare Bernal was shot dead while she was working in Harvey Nichols in September 2005. The man responsible - her ex-boyfriend - then shot himself. Well, Clare's flatmate told an an inquest into Clare's murder today that she was so worried about Michael Pech's behaviour that she had alerted security at the store. Could they have done more to protect Clare? Marcus Powell will have the detail on that.

Liz Wickham, meanwhile, has been in court for the sentencing of a married couple who were caught illegally selling a steroid-cream, which black customers bought to bleach their skin, but, in fact, was so dangerous it could have left them vulnerable to skin-cancer.

Then - a victory for 'People Power'. Hurrah and Ballyhoo! How many of us are fed up with a rail company making our lives a misery day in day out. Well, the good customers on the 'C2C' line no doubt had their 'fare' share of niggles as the trains chuffed in and out of Fenchurch Street... until the company changed the timetable. And that make them REALLY mad. So they complained. And complained. And then complained some more. And now, one month after dumping the old schedule, it's making a comeback. Nick Thatcher will report on that 'feel-good' story for us.

We'll also be chatting with Prunella Scales ("Basil!") about her latest stage-role... we've got a terrific 'behind-the-scenes' look at the work of Cirque du Soleil... and.. AND, Chrissie will have the weather.

And if THAT lot doesn't leave you gasping for the weekend... you can jog off.

See you at SIX,

Ben & Tamzin.