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Monday 2nd Feb

Good afternoon.

From the most complex meteorological data on the internet, courtesy of NASA, to a bit of old sea-weed hanging on the back door, it was blindingly obvious it was going to snow. Hotel bookings rose and dedicated workers stayed in town on Sunday night. So how come London's buses, the vast majority of the tube and the bulk of our deconstructed over-ground rail network were caught on the hop? Well, not so much "on the hop" as tragically static.

Phil does a passing impression of Peter, Paul and Mary with a "trains and boats and planes" attempt to get to work. We think he shared much of what many of you have shared today so we will share Phil's Video Diary with you. It is a joy: wonderful pictures, extraordinary experiences and all in the hands of a true wordsmith - it reminds me of Browning's "How They Brought The Good News from Ghent" : Phil "sprang to the stirrup", and all that.

We've put Glen on the roof for fear of him getting overwhelmed by a drift - he is trying to work out how it all came "to pass"; Will Gowing of Trafficlink will tell us, live, where it is still resting, much of it not having come "to pass" at all, but rather refusing "to pass" and, instead, settling on your roads, lanes and driveways.

And, from TfL, Peter Hendy will join us to explain what he didn't do, what he wished he'd done and what he plans to do, given there's more of it to come. Remember, Peter, you wait ages for a snowfall and then several come along, one after the other....

KD is especially concerned that he still hasn't withdrawn the Bendy-buses despite our collective concern that they are quite likely to do a spectacular impression of the capitol's November 5th celebrations without a by-your-leave. Yet one jack-knives and the roads are cleared. 8000 buses, tucked up warm for the night and the day as the rest of us struggle through the deep and crisp and even stuff. She is quite exercised by it all having had to battle in herself but I heartily approve of the green-wellies. Only she can carry off the haute-couture/gardening gear combination.

We employ some brilliant cameramen and women who have captured the moment - the snow, not KD's welly-clad-arrival - but some of you have topped even their terrific efforts with phone-cameras, little digital cameras and who-knows what else. We say "publish, and be damned" , and we do and thank you!

Mark Little may be in the studio. He was in "Neighbours" where it was always sunny but our weather may preclude him chatting about a welcome return to the West End. I guess if things don't improve he won't even make that. Wonder if his agent has really thought this through? Might ask him that. Or not. Depending on the weather.

Robin definitely can't make it - frozen to his own little forecasting outfit in the deep south - but Manali has, so we'll grill her. First to warm her up and then to get some answers about when we might see spring.

Global warming? Tell it to the birds.

We shall have other news, the front pages of the London papers - one of which is now to be edited by the former editor of Tatler so I imagine debs in diamonds tip-toeing through the snow whilst, in the other two, it'll be more Lily Allen... I may be wrong.

Our best advice to you is remain in, wrap up warm and stay glued to us at 6. We will inform, entertain and enlighten you - a joy to know you are there, warm from the tip of your noses to the tip of your toes-es.

You know it makes sense. Shame the powers that be apparently didn't feel the same way about last night's forecast.

See you at 6.

Alastair & Katie