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Lots on the programme, as ever, including more on the row we brought you yesterday about the locations of 2012 Olympic events, a shocking murder in Croydon and a fascinating exhibition by a Dalston-born photographer whose subjects have included Bob Marley and the Sex Pistols.

First up, though, a topic that will no doubt provoke a huge response on emails when we ask for them later - London-wide road tolls. The RAC say asking drivers to fork out more will significantly ease congestion in the captal. Boris Johnson has dismissed the idea, but the RAC says he should stop focussing on cyclists and his plans to scrap bendy buses and concentrate on road tolls. Anyone have a view on this?

Showbiz - wise, Ricky Gervais is the celeb to grace the show tonight as he promotes his new movie, 'The Invention of Lying'. The premise of the film is fairly simple: It's set in a world where nobody lies...ever. Not even polite little white ones. Gervais plays a hapless screenwriter who tells the world's first ever lie and then wields his new-found power to fib his way to fame and fortune. Miss Cotter went to meet Mr. Gervais and says he seemed a really nice fella (unless she was telling porkies). The killer question from Lucy was: 'What's the biggest lie you've ever told?' Now there's a thought. A quick ask around the office reveals that when Producer Neil was in short trousers, his school used to fine children who didn't do their homework. Whenever Neil transgressed he used to dip into his pocket money for the £1 fee and forge the return slip from his parents so they would be none the wiser. More of a deceit than a lie, though, I would say - plus he was doing himself out of sweet money? When I asked the Angelic-faced Miss Cotter the same question her response was, 'how many do you want, there've been sooooo many!' Me? Well, if we're sticking to harmless school days lies (which is probably best!) - I had a PE teacher who used to get me confused with my asthma-suffering older brother. When asked if I wanted to sit out cross-country runs week after week on account of my wheeziness - I, for some reason, never felt the urge to put him straight?!

See you at 6....honest!

Matt and Lucy.