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Bit tired today. I was up until 2am with Genesis, who were on the programme yesterday. Technically, I wasn't actually with the band - just in case you had visions of me, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford in some Soho club 'til the early hours. But after the thrill of meeting them yesterday, I went home and started to work my way through their back catalogue. Ok, so it wasn't actually 2am either, it was more like quarter to eleven...not a great story that, sorry! On to tonight's programme then, no classic prog rockers unfortunately, but plenty of other stuff:

On the news front: as a 16-year-old boy fights for his life, the latest victim of knife crime in the capital, the number of primary school children stopped and searched by police has almost doubled in the last year. According to new Met figures, officers detained more than 750 ten year olds in the twelve months to April. Some say police are in danger of adding to the problem by alienating young people, others argue that anything that reduces the number of knives on our streets has got to be worth doing. We want your thoughts later.

Elsewhere, we'll have more on the political row brewing in Romford after a Labour politician described The Queen as "vermin" and a "parasite". They were made on the Facebook page of local Tory MP Andrew Rosindell, by Labour's Peter White, who's due to stand for election to Havering Council next year. Mr White has been told to explain the comments by Party officials and faces the sack.

Also on the programme: two of the worst train stations in the country are right here in London. We sent Murray Dron to investigate, but he hasn't come back yet; the Beatlemaniac who's unearthed some photographic gems in his loft; and two become one when a couple were inspired to become half the people they used to be after they broke their bed. Oh, and Robin delivers the weather forecast whilst skating. Dancing on isobars, you could say?!

See you at Six

Matt and Katie

FW: weather blog

Good evening,
It's mid November so London is already well into the Yuletide countdown. Window displays & street lights are signalling the imminent arrival of Christmas, tinsel & baubles are everywhere & now the seasonal open air ice rinks are declaring themselves open for business.
Today it's the turn of Somerset House & the plan is for me to bring you the weather from this stunning location. It has been suggested that I don skates which could make for interesting viewing because, despite having had to learn to skate for a film role years ago (my on screen skating partner was Eva Gabor would you believe....), I have never really mastered it. In truth I think I would be better at diving for pearls in the Pacific, but if the boss wants me to do it who am I to refuse?
Ironically the weather is mild at the moment (wet & windy soon too) so although I'll be surrounded by ice & Somerset House will be a winter wonderland I won't be feeling cold. Instead I'll be channelling my energy into keeping fear at bay & dignity intact.
Hope to see you later.
I think.