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Swine flu is here - and it's all anyone's talking about. I've lost count of the number of times people outside work have asked me what I know about the disease and how serious it really is. On theirs and your behalf we're speaking to the experts and keeping an eye on what the latest information is.

I started this week giggling at pig jokes and sound effects - but am now - like the rest of you I'm sure - not really seeing the funny side any more.

Seeing the government ad this morning (which you'll see a bit of on the show if you haven't seen it already) telling you to avoid spraying your sneeze germs in public - makes the threat of us catching and spreading it even more real.

It is really worrying - especially as it feels like hayfever season's upon us - cue lots of sneezing and lots of worried glances from fellow commuters! The big boss has already had some of these looks and says he can't be held responsible for his actions if he sees someone wearing a face mask on the train. But would that be an over-reaction? - the face mask that is, not his reaction to the mask wearer..obviously..

Piers is on Swine Flu alert today and will tell us the latest - with two more cases in London confirmed as I write this - and the latest advice for all of us avoiding sneezing people across the capital.

Ben's yelling at the television - a little girl who's the youngest member of Mensa is on - and she's on our show later too. I think she's gorgeous and clearly very bright - she picked the odd one out in a picture of 3 oranges and a banana, can name an isosceles triangle (I've just had to spell check that!! - say no more..) but she didn't manage to name the scalene one when Ben did..so we can be fairly sure he's smarter than a 2-year old. But I still reckon she's super cute. She knows the capital of Indonesia too! David's going to be introducing you to her later - I have a feeling you'll be on my side of the cuteness debate - whether she's a genius or not!

I've been told - in quite a stern fashion by Neil - that despite my pleas she's not coming in tonight - but Su Pollard is. Hi Di Hi wasn't really on my radar but the new musical Shout! is. Well, in truth, my Mum requested I take her next time she visits - it was Priscilla last time which she loved. So Su's going to tell us all about the 60's show - and about turning 60. Now, this is a line of questioning Ben is determined to go down - I'm not sure any woman wants to talk about her age after 21 - but Ben reckons she won't be offended...we'll see shall we....

Before all that we're marking the 10-year anniversary of the Soho bombing. 3 people died in the blast at The Admiral Duncan and dozens more were injured. Emma Walden's gone to meet family and friends as they mark the day.

There's also more fallout from the G20 protests. An officer's had to quit after he wrote something on his Facebook page which was apparently about Ian Tomlinson's death - and Boris has been heckled at a Met meeting today as he tried to defend the cops. Marcus is there to tell us just what went on.

Then, don't miss Phil's return to the lion's den. We're prepared for another mauling - I hope health and safety have been warned...

See you then,

Alex & Ben.