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Good Afternoon to you...

I fell a bit of a fraud writing this today because - unless something goes horribly wrong - my contribution to this evening's programme can best be described a 'walk-on part', or rather a 'sitting down part'. I'll be the general news boy while Alastair and Lucy take centre stage in our super-duper Olympic special. As I write, Mr Stewart and Miss Cotter are on their way to Stratford to present the programme from the Olympic site.

Unless you've not tuned in to any news programmes today, you'll probably have caught on to the fact that it is three years - to the day - until the London Games get underway. Excited? Dreading them? Cross about them? Well, there's no avoiding them - the London Olympics are happening - and tonight on London Tonight, we're giving you a comprehensive progress report on the preparations.

We'll be looking at the main venues - most of which appear to have become embroiled in a some sort of hoo-hah. The main arena - what will they do with it afterwards? The aquatic centre - how come it's so vastly over budget? The Olympic village? How come the tax-payer is coughing for it all?

You'll be able to see for yourelves how they're all coming on - Lucy's been up in a helicopter for a bird's eye view too.

We'll also look at how the 20-12 athletes are coming along - that's what it's all about, after all.

And to put it all into perspective, we'll be talking live to Dame Kelly Holmes and Lord Sebastian Coe. Lucy and Alastair will put them through their paces. There's a lot at stake here after all.

As I say, I'll pop up briefly to make sure the rest of the day's big stories don't go unnoticed - but the main event is over in Stratford this evening.
It's a landmark today - and we're marking it in style.

See you at six.

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