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I've been asked a lot recently who I'm going to support in The Ashes - being the holder of two passports means my loyalty is split - but I don't need to answer that question now as I've just been told there's a third option! There's a team of Aboriginal cricketers coming to London - so I'm going to be supporting them - and then claiming to have supported whoever wins the Ashes from the start - but that's another blog altogether.

Ben's going to introduce us to the latest cricketers to pop up top from down under.

Before that we've got tennis fans who've gone to some extraordinary lengths to park at SW19. Some MPs caught up in the expenses saga who might now lose their house - the 60th anniversary of one of Soho's most famous coffee shops and Gerry Anderson in the studio - you know the guy who created Thunderbirds yes?

Oh, and also a woman who've used her metal detector to help pay off her mortgage - well she could also buy a nice car and go on holiday and lots of other lovely things but you get the picture. I was a bit mean about her in the meeting - which I take back - because after seeing her and finding out she's spent years searching for something of value and found nothing until now, I reckon she deserves it. Maybe she'll share!

Sorry - I've had to rush as I have been distracted - I have to admit a little bit by the tennis which I've just seen has lost our last British girl - and London lass - Elena Baltacha. Oh dear.

See you at 6 then.

Alex & Alastair.