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London Tonight Tonight Monday 15th October

London Tonight Tonight Monday 15th October

Good Afternoon one and all,

Okay, who can remember what the weather was like last Thursday? No? What about last October 16th? No, neither can we.

However, 20 years ago tomorrow, is a different matter; you may well remember waking up to the aftermath of one of Britain's blowiest nights. It wasn't a hurricane, mind. You ask Michael Fish. Anyway, the 'October '87 Storms' did cause havoc across our region and this evening our Chrissie will be looking back at the pictures. We also want to hear about your experiences, so trawl your memory bank - and we'll share out your stories.

We're going to start our programme though with the experiences of a London Mum who's just lost her son. Lee Beckwith died last week after falling under a bus, a bendy bus. In an exclusive interview, she tells Phil Bayles exactly what she thinks about the buses. We'll also be hearing what TfL has to say too.

Marcus Powell, meanwhile, has been down at the Old Bailey all day to bring us the latest from the trial of Levi Bellfield. The jury's been hearing more evidence against him.

We'll also be getting the inside track on estate agents and the tricks they play, the fast ones they pull - all from a former agent who's come over from the dark side.

And, or should we say, AND...  live at the opening of the musical 'Rent', we'll be speaking to 'a bit of a star'. Actually, while she may not be a big person, she is a ENORMOUS star.

You'll have to join us at SIX to find out who she is...

See you then,

Ben & Katie