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London Tonight Tonight Thursday 8th January 2009


As if it wasn't hard enough coming back to work after such a lovely Christmas break - it seems our transport network's been working against us - making the journey a complete nightmare for loads of you. First it was the West Coast Mainline, then Euston had that problem, now it's the M25. If you were stuck in a jam on it this morning you know what I'm on about - we'll be checking if traffic's flowing tonight after a lorry smash closed close to 17 miles of the road.

If it's not the roads and the railways, the recession's also taking the shine off this brand spanking New Year. With more and more stores and businesses going bust and closing their doors, thousands of jobs are hanging in the balance. The Prime Minister's trying to reassure us - as is Mayor Boris - that they're doing all they can to help keep the country afloat. We're planning to grill Bozza on just how he's going to do that - and asking him how it feels after getting nabbed by his own system, the congestion charge! Glen Goodman's also out on Recession Road. it's in Kilburn - and that's where we'll be gauging the effect of the "credit crunchiness" on all our lives.

You will have seen over the past few nights our investigation into the rise in illegal dog fighting in the capital - you're response to this has been completely overwhelming - so, tonight Mark Jordan's telling some of your stories of these animals - both horrific and sad.

We're also taking a look at our secret rivers. Faye informs us there's a river called The Fleet running practically right underneath our feet here!! I fancy popping out for an investigation - but luckily Liz Wickham's been out and about so I won't be getting my feet wet... These sweet little rivers are going to be exposed so we can all enjoy them, find out why.

Maybe not quite so sweet is Mickey Rourke - well I've not met him so perhaps Lucy Cotter's the one to ask about that - but I've seen clips of his new movie and his character is definitely not sweet! He plays a wrestler and his performance is being hailed as a stunning comeback. The actor's been in the Hollywood Wilderness (which is different to the Hollywood Hills!) for years but now there's even an Oscar buzz around this movie - even though the man himself says that kind of thing doesn't interest him anymore... Find out what else he's got to say...

We look forward to your company at 6.

Alex & Ben.