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Good Evening.

Okay - so we're a little bit late with this tonight.

The thing is I shouldn't be writing it at all. Don't get me wrong. I'm delighted to be writing it. I want to be writing it. But it's a little hiccup in the roster that sees me sitting here this afternoon, rather than wheeling small children round the local park. This is not, I hasten to add, a fledgling service I provide for working parents. It's my children who get wheeled. I sort of feel obliged.

Anyway, onto the programme.

And for me the highlight is a story we're calling 'Flush Puppy'. I'll leave that one with you and see if you can work out what it's all about. It's likely to have leave you mouthing "you-are-having-a-laugh". And we are. Have been all afternoon, actually.

One of the things that made us smile certainly was our former deputy editor who's rolled in with her 4 week old daughter. I say former deputy editor - when she comes back from maternity leave she'll be editor. As for our new leader's new baby... Hair? Hair? I've never seen so much on a baby. Anyway, mother and daughter are doing well.

Sorry - back to the programme.

We've got another "would you believe it?" story for you (that's in addition to our 'Flush Puppy' number). A young boy called Stanley who's life has been saved by something Gortex - you may a have a kagool made out of it. Well, some ingenious doctors at Great Ormond Street hospital have used some of this weather-proof wonder stuff to mend Stanley's heart.

We'll also be asking you about Dr Beecham's proposals to shut down hundreds of train stations and thousands of miles of track. Okay, 40+ years on it's a bit late to say 'no' to all of it - but it seems there is movement to reverse at least some of it. Anyone living down in Cranleigh may be delighted to hear that train companies want to bring back your rail station.

Our top story tonight, however, is interview with the parents of Ben Kinsella. Last week his killers were sentenced to life in prison, with an instruction that they must serve at least 19 years. Perhaps, not surprisingly, Ben's parents don't feel that's long enough. After all, they have to live with the knowledge that their son was stabbed to death for no reason whatsoever. They also feel the system - that brought the killers to justice isn't working properly. Theirs is a fascinating and, obviously, moving point of view.

It's a varied programme tonight - and all the better for it.

We'll see you at six.

Ben & Katie