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You may have heard us talking about Twitter in recent weeks - we've been "tweeting" updates on the programme through the day for a little while.

For those of you who haven't come across it yet, it's a kind of micro-blogging site. Still not sure what that means? Basically it's like text messaging (but on the internet) a whole group of people some of whom you know and others who just follow you because they like what you say. Still don't get it? No, neither did we till we actually tried it, but trust us, it's rather popular and very trendy all of a sudden - and it seems today was the day of the Twitter demonstration - as G20 protesters descended on the capital.

Can we say the organisers were using Twitter? Well - they probably were - but the overwhelming number of people using it were journalists, bystanders, city workers, "everyday" protestors and people all over the world who just wanted to talk about what was going on. #g20 (a hash code allows you to search for a certain topic) became very popular, people posted their own pictures of the events, and people have started talking about the protest and the G20 summit being a turning point for Twitter (as is the headline in this Telegraph article http://bit.ly/o0Eya ).

We'll reflect all that tonight (and you can still follow - or read back on - our twitter updates at http://twitter.com/londontonight ).

But of course, more importantly, we'll also have the story of the day the "old" media way, with pictures, reporters and cameramen and women in the thick of it, bringing you all you need to know about what happened, what's happening, and what's likely to happen next.

Alastair and Katie are live on location with the programme tonight - don't miss it.