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A spot of gardening on the show tonight. Well, I quite fancy a spot anyway. My garden in mostly paving stones but there has been an attempt at strawberries and herbs now the sun in shining. They are yet to bear fruit but it is still an exciting prospect. If you're not lucky enough to have an outside I'm told an allotment is the answer. No such thing in Oz and I get the impression they might be a bit old fashioned maybe. Well, apparently they're becoming fashionable again with parents even sticking their kids' names down on the waiting list. I imagine an allotment in London is something which gets passed on from generation to generation - if you're new to the idea, putting your kids' names down might not bear fruit anytime soon though - as Neil tells me there's a 40 year wait in some places! I wondered if there was a London Tonight allotment we could send Chrissie out to tend to - but alas, no - good idea though he reckons. Instead Chrissie has gone to see other people's allotments. I'm sure, like the Chelsea Flower Show, we shall be inspired.

Boris is hoping we'll be inspired too - to help him create a new image for London. A green one with lots of home-grown veg and flowers perhaps? Bozza, who found himself in the drink today - not hitting the bottle but hitting the water after falling into a river! Typical of the Mayor really, which is one of the reasons we love him. Mainly, he wants a new image for our great city - I don't think he needs a new image but he reckons he does. He wants us to come up with a new logo for the Capital - I do hope this doesn't turn out to be another 2012 logo fiasco. Let's hope we can find something we can all be proud of and get behind eh!?

There's more outside action today - in the shape of a butterfly garden. This show is really shaping up beautifully isn't it? This one's a memorial to a little boy who died of meningitis. Such a lovely idea which I'm sure will be the perfect place. Marcus will tell us as he's been to look around.

Lewis has a less enviable task today. He's been faced with the gruesome details of how two French students were murdered. Unmitigated evil and an orgy of bloodletting are two ways the judge described how they were killed which gives you a good idea of just how horrific the story is. What makes it worse, if that is at all possible, is that their deaths could have been avoided. Lewis and Ronke will tell us why and how. The killers have just been sentenced so we'll have details on that too and the reaction from their families.

As we hear about lives taken unnecessarily, we'll be remembering those who bravely sacrificed theirs. Mike Pearse is reporting from France for us tonight - almost 65 years on from D-Day. As veterans and their families head for Normandy to re-live those moments on the beaches, we will all be with them I'm sure.

From sombre notes to much cooler ones. The sounds of Paolo Nutini. Neil says he likes his stuff and wondered whether this was the right thing to admit - I've given my reassurances as I too have a soft spot for Paolo's musical offerings. Not sure what The Al thinks - he's more of a Stones man - but I think he'd enjoy. He's off preparing for Elections. I'll play him some when he gets back.

See his reaction - to the music not impending elections - at 6.

Alex & Alastair.