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Good afternoon. On the programme tonight, we'll show you how the capital paid its respects on Armistice Day. It's 91 years since the end of the First World War but the death of the last surviving veterans over the course of the past twelve months means that this year marks the passing of 'The Great War' from living memory into history. Today, those who have lost their lives fighting for their country, including the continuing sacrifices made by our troops in Afghanistan, were remembered across the city.

And while our fallen heroes were remembered in the traditional way today, one World War Two soldier has been remembered in a very unusual one. London Indie rock band 'Athlete' have written a special song about the lead singer's grandad, who was seriously wounded in action. All the proceeds are going to the Royal British Legion and Liz Wickham has just promised me a very emotional piece.

Also tonight, Lucy will bring us up to speed on the latest film in the 'Twilight' saga, called 'New Moon'. For the uninitiated, 'Twilight' is something of a phenomenon with the films adapted from the books by Stephanie Meyer. The plot? Well, it's sort of an angst-ridden teenage vampire love story. Sorry, I'm not James King?! Think 'Lost Boys' for teenage girls and women trying to recapture their youth. And if you sense a little green-eyed, mid-thirties angst on my part it's because my other half is obsessed with the books, the films and particularly the smouldering young fop who plays the lead role, London's own Robert Pattinson. I've just asked Katie for her opinion on the one dubbed 'pasty-boy' in my house and she is supportively unimpressed. Katie says - and I quote - 'he's a little bit weedy' and 'not very swoonsome'. Unfortunately, it would appear the vast majority of women disagree and guiltily, I actually quite liked the first film. I thought I'd be dragged to this second instalment immediately upon its release, but when I suggested going to see it in what I thought a hugely magnanimous gesture, I was told that a girls' night has been planned and my presence isn't required! Charming! I'm with Katie. He's a little bit weedy...

See you at Six.

Matt and Katie

Weather blog

Good evening,
Having been driving for many years I've encountered a wide variety of motoring conditions. Standing water, ice, blizzard, flood, heatwave, gales & even fire, but this morning I had my first brush with the threat that fallen leaves can pose.
Like many people I'm guilty of an impatient & sceptical sigh at the mention of disruption to rail services due to leaves on the track, but (& I'm reluctant to admit this) I can see the sense of it after my near miss this morning.
My journey to work begins with a drive to the station & the leaves which have been steadily falling over recent weeks have now -thanks to a spell of damp weather- become a slimey pulp along some roads. So shortly after breakfast today I had to take evasive action as I rounded a corner to be greeted by a large, shiney 4x4 heading straight towards me. I wasn't moving very quickly but I needed to slow down before pulling into the verge & no sooner had I touched the brakes than I was sliding around with little control over my trajectory. It felt very like the time I aquaplaned my just-bought-with-my-first-pay-cheque car into the side of a milk lorry. Luckily on this occasion disaster was avoided but while the leaves & rain continue to fall I will proceed with extreme caution & urge you (although I suspect you don't need my advice) to do the same.
There'll be a bit of everything weatherwise over the next few days, but at least it'll be getting a little milder.
Hope to see you later,