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If, like me, you use the Victoria line to get to work it won't have escaped your attention that is it very, very shut. As Undergrounders we're used to this sort of thing aren't we? Seems to happen every bloomin' weekend on one line or another (Circle mostly from what I can tell). Well, it didn't hamper my journey in today - it did seem a tad busier but the announcer just told me to stick to the Northern and change onto the Central - simples - end of service announcement. Simon went out a little earlier than me to check on the peak timer travel situation - we'll check in on that and hear what your experiences were this morning and tonight too. We're also going to talk to the one of the underground's bosses to see if the strike's sorted things out.

Ben and Robin are discussing red wine across me and distracting me a lot. I think it's got something to do with Maureen Lipman coming in. Ben's doing a bit of research for questions to ask her and has had some sort of brainwave about sending in the clowns. I thought he and Robin would already be there - hahahaha! Sorry. But mainly they have agreed that is a line from the play - I think - and not an instruction or an offer of red wine now, during or even after the show. Not sure where the wine even came into it.. moving on.

There's been more dogfighting and there are more and more dangerous dogs in our city. The RSPCA says London's where they seize the most dogs and where more people are using them for protection - as well as abusing them. Emma's looking into this.

Then, one of our top cops has been charged over an arrest he made. Ali Dizaei arrested a man outside a restaurant last year - but has now been charged over it himself. Lewis is going to explain it all.

Now, you might have seen this guy in last night's papers - he commutes to London to work - but unlike some of our MPs - his second home is a tent. Just 37 squids from Lidl too. Much hilarity in the meeting about this - canvassing opinion, pegging the story.. giggle, giggle. I personally would love to see our MPs camping it up this summer - not like that...living in a tent rather than a lovely second home. Phil's been to meet the example himself.

After all that Lucy's at the Ivor Novello awards -they're just being announced but I won't give the game away - a certain band whose frontman has a daughter called Apple are up for 3...

I had to put that in so I can talk about babies!! They're popping out all over the place here. Not literally - obviously - but Faye our Deputy Editor had a little girl yesterday, Ben's wife had a little girl on Friday (during the show and everything!) and now Glen's wife's just had twins - a girl and a boy!! I can see two growing bumps from where I'm sitting too - so there are more on the way!! Will keep you updated - and congrats to all.

See you at 6.

Alex & Daddy Ben.

Weather blog

Good evening,

The pollen levels are slowly rising - the trade off for fine Spring weather - & the sneezing has started. A couple of weeks ago this would have been dismissed as the onset of swine fever but I think we have to accept that the allergy season is underway. I'm told the dirty air in metropolitan areas doesn't help either & that allergies can strike at any stage in our lives, which is exactly what's happened to me this year. I'm very fortunate in that I'm only a mild sufferer & whilst I realise that serious allergic reactions are no laughing matter, on a personal level it's a price I'm happy to pay for settled, sunny weather at this time of year.

The weather looks set to remain good for the next few days, meaning it'll be a Bank Holiday of sore eyes, itchy noses & mucus. Nothing that a good dose of sunburn won't sort out. Be careful out there....!

See you later,