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London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 6th January 2009

Afternoon, and Happy New Year and a chilly welcome back to work if it's your first day back, as it is mine...

First on the agenda tonight is our second look at dogs being bred for fighting. It's a terribly sad story, especially for us dog lovers. I can't imagine why anyone would want to see dogs trying to tear each other limb from limb, but they do, and they make a small fortune out of breeding these poor puppies and training them to be brutal fighting machines. What's more, the number of these types of operations being uncovered by the Met is rising all the time.

As well as seeing some truly shocking footage of these poor pups we'll be joined in the studio by a furry friend who'll show us all there is life after such an horrific experience.

Next, Sharon Shoesmith - the ex-head of children's services at Haringey Council - who was running things when Baby P died, is back. She was sacked, but is now appealing against her dismissal and claiming damages. We've been finding out what people in Haringey think about this... And of course will want to know your opinion too..

Also tonight - Phil Bayles is going to fill us in on the end of a boozy era in Mortlake - and Lewis Vaughan Jones is out and about with Mayor Boris who's trying to make our train stations safer.

I'm sure they'll have both wrapped up warm - as we all have today in these teeth-chatteringly freezing temperatures!! It won't have escaped your attention - but hopefully we'll make you feel a bit cosier tonight - not just with our company but with some tips on how to survive the chilly conditions all the way from the Antarctic!

We'll also be warming up the studio (hopefully!) to welcome one of the stars of The Queen and the now the star of Frost/Nixon - Michael Sheen. Ben's seen this movie (lucky thing) and says it's fantastic - you may have caught it on stage in the West End too. We'll be talking to Michael about his starring role in it, and the Oscar buzz around the movie version of Sir David Frost's infamous interview with Richard Nixon.

Do join us - and help keep us warm at 6.

Alex and Ben.